Hello, Hanson haters! If you are not a Hanson hater then get the hell out of here because I don't want you and neither does anyone else who actually has taste!!! I'm Jenn and I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I can't stand Hanson and I love everybody who's like me and has a life...

Anti-Hanson Sites to See

In the spirit of Spyce World, I'm working on a hate mail site. Keep tuning in for updates on my struggle against EPSB, the evil microsoft network and lethargy...

My Anti-Hanson Page
Links to Other Anti-Hanson Sites
The Original Marilyn Hanson Homepage!
Hanson Sucks
CHFA - Citizens for a Hanson Free America
Mr. T vs. Hanson
Reasons to Hate Hanson
My anti- Spice Girls page
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