"Who's in it?" I'm glad you asked.

Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry) - a scientist
Definitely the star of the show, Frankie's "just a sweet transvestite" 
from the galaxy of Transylvania. Wears women's corsets.

Janet Weiss (Susan Sarandon) - a heroine
Janet, who hails from Denton, is the proverbial dumb slut of the 
movie. Wears a pink dress and condom-like hair clips.

Brad Majors (Barry Bostwick) - a hero
Brad is Janet's fiance and also the movie's asshole. Wears tighty 
whities and geeky glasses.

Riff Raff (Richard O'Brien) - a handyman
Riff, Frank's "faithful" servant, also hails from Transylvania. Walks 
with a hunchback and wears an old tuxedo.

Magenta (Patricia Quinn) - a domestic
Riff's sister is fond of Transylvanian elbow sex (with Riff, of course). 
Wears a maid uniform opened to show a little cleavage.

Columbia (Little Nell) - a groupie
Was walking down the street when Frank pulled up "with a pickup truck 
and the devil's eyes". Wears tap shoes with blue socks, sequined tap 
pants, top, tails, and top hat, or men's pyjamas (strategically ripped) 
with Mickey Mouse ears.

Dr. Everett Scott (Jonathan Adams) - a rival scientist

Brad and Janet met in his refresher course at Denton high school. Wears 
a bad suit and glasses and uses a wheelchair with a plaid blanket over his legs.

Rocky Horror (Peter Hinwood) - a creation
Frank's new "toy" is a little slow and doesn't say much. Wears gold 
lame underwear and matching boots.

Eddy (Meatloaf) - ex-delivery boy
Dr. Scott's nephew and Columbia's lover. Wears a leather biker vest, 
jeans, a black t-shirt, and has a motorcycle and a saxophone.

Criminologist (Charles Gray) - an expert
The narrator of RHPS has no fucking neck. Wears a velvet suit with ascot.

The Transylvanians (14 in total) - guests at the mansion

Come to witness the birth of Rocky. Wear black suits, white socks, 
black shoes (that show off the socks), and have bad make-up.

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