No trip to the Rocky Horror Picture Show is complete without dressing up like your favourite character and proudly displaying your work. But maybe you don't know how to make your lips Frank's lipstick-defying shade of red-black or you just can't find a pair of condom hair clips like Janet's... Well, fear not! Here are some great sites for costume help.

The Anal Retentive Costume List
By Ruth J. Fink-Winter, a living legend in the Rocky world... Need I say any more?
Rocky Horror Costume Instructions by Me
Good for what it has but it only has Columbia, Frank, and Magenta right now!
The Rocky Horror Pattern Page
Lists close and (hopefully) easy-to-find patterns for various costume pieces and how to modify them... not for those who, like me, are hopeless in matters of a sewing machine!

Have any great costume tips you'd like to share? Send 'em in!

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