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March 31, 2008: This site hasn't been updated in about two years. Wow, time flies! If you're interested in RHPS in Edmonton, send an email or look for "Lowdown Cheap Little Punks" on Facebook.
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This site is devoted to the most amazing movie to come out of the seventies - the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and to Edmonton's shadow cast, the Lowdown Cheap Little Punks.


The Rocky Horror Show was written by Richard O'Brien and was first performed by the Royal Court Theatre Up Stairs on June 16, 1973 in London. From this ingenious show spawned countless recastings and performings, including a Broadway show. The Rocky Horror Picture Show opened in theatres across the United States on September 7, 1975 and has gained an astronomical cult following across the world. Shock Treatment, the sequel to RHPS, was made six years later.

RHPS is available on video and DVD, of course, but there are many theatres that play the show periodically. This is the ultimate in audience participation, with audience talkback lines, props, and costumes. Most theatres which show the movie also have live casts that act with it... including my happy city, Edmonton! The Lowdown Cheap Little Punks recently celebrated their 4th anniversary and are going strong... we're lovin every minute of it!

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