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Welcome to the final stretch of the 20th century (yes, I'm a purist. It does NOT start until 2001.)! Now that I'm finished high school, I'd like to remember the immortal words of Socrates: "I drank what?" It's a good bar quote.

Greetings earthling, and welcome to Spyce World!! If you actually like the Spice Girls then this page is not for you and you're not welcome here, freak!! This page is the cyber home of Spyce World (duh), My friend Erica and I started it on December 4, 1997. Spyce World was born out of our devotion against the Spice Girls and currently there are about thirty people. We live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (yeah!!!). Every member has a Spyce name and my co-founder and I issued Spyce World newsletters to all members.

Hey! Check this out!!!! New Anti-spice girls poetry!!!!

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We have some new (yay!) sites up, and I'm so happy to welcome our Spanish sister site. They might not work (note to Jenn: CLEAN UP!!!) so I apologize for any inconvenience.

Spice Girls - Why we hate them
The Spice World Movie Website (ick)
STOP THEM! IT'S TOO MUCH!! (our Spanish sister site, whoo!)
The Spice Guys
Reasons to Hate the Spice Girls (by my co-founder Erica Leigh -- a must see!)
My anti- Hanson Page


Uh oh! Mel G (formerly Mel C, at least she has the decency to get married!) has had her second baby (or at least that's what they said on Hollywood Squares), named Brooklyn, where the child was conceived. In the words of Caroline Rhea, "How about 'Men's room Spice'?"

Mel C had just released her first album. She's "sporting" a new look with, most notably, cropped bleached hair. Eew. For the love of God, somebody get the woman a wig!

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SpYcE wOrLd UsElEsS fAcTs

Hey! Didja know that it's still legal to guillotine people in England? Let's guillotine the Spice Girls!!
In the olden days, people cut off boys' testicles so that they could sing in boys choirs and their voices wouldn't change.
The leaves of the tomato plant are lethally poisonous. Same with rhubarb! What kind of a name is rhubarb???
The month of June is International Accordion Awareness Month. Get out those dancin' shoes and I'll see YOU at the nearest polka hall!!
You eat fungus regularly!!! Yeast (necessary for the making of bread, cheese, and alcoholic beverages), is the same kinda thing as athlete's foot and apple scab!!! Isn't that cool????
An olive is just like a pickled grape, except it's not pickled. Also, it's not a grape.
If you shuffle a deck of cards perfectly, after shuffling it four times it'll be the same as it you never shuffled it in the first place.
Crayola's new colours include a shade of orange named "macaroni and cheese". Isn't that demeaning to all of the mac'n'cheese that isn't made with yellow cheese??
The walrus is the Norwegian symbol of death.
You have a greater chance of dying from falling out of bed than you have from getting struck by lightning.
Jello actually came out with coffee, celery, apple, and chocolate flavoured jello powder. No wonder it didn't last.
The elephant is the only creature with four knees, yet is also the only creature that cannot jump. Aren't you glad you're not an elephant?
There is no Boy London in London.

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This page was last updated on August 2, 2000. It's my grandma's birthday - wish her a good one with me!!